Genting Garden by Monoluxury

Your go-to source for premium fresh salads & herbs

We are the leading producer of fresh produce, serving customers both locally and regionally in Southeast Asia. With us, you're guaranteed a fantastic selection of produce including juicy tomatoes, delightful vine crops, crisp salads, fragrant herbs, and edible flowers. If you're looking for ultimate convenience, you can even choose from a variety of ready-to-eat mixed salads that are perfect for when you're on the go.

With Genting Garden, you can trust that you're getting the freshest and most delicious consumables to satisfy your cravings.

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Our Aims -
Our Commitment to Fresh Quality Produce

At Genting Garden, we take pride in our stringent quality control practices, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest salads and herbs. Our meticulous process involves harvesting only the finest produce, trimming off any damaged or inferior leaves before expertly packing and cooling them to perfection. We go the extra mile to guarantee an unbroken cool-chain delivery to our customers. Your satisfaction is not just our goal - it's our commitment.

Best Practices,
Every Step of the Way

Our Quality Assurance

At Genting Garden, our commitment to excellence is more than a motto - it's ingrained in everything we do. Our farm is GAP certified (Certificate No. SALM .04.088), and our processing side holds HACCP certification (LRQA KLR 0500060), ensuring a comprehensive approach to quality assurance. Whether it's utilising imported compost and seeds or maintaining automatically controlled environment glasshouses, we prioritise best practices in every step. Our goal is clear: deliver clean, uniform crops with consistent colour and texture. At Genting Garden, excellence is our unwavering promise.

On Packaging

Our salads are carefully harvested, boxed in our glasshouses to minimise handling, and promptly Vacuum Cooled at +1℃. Both salads and herbs are hand-harvested on delivery day for maximum freshness, with herbs heat-sealed to retain flavour. Our commitment is to deliver not just salads but a promise of exceptional freshness.

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